Is Your Foot Fungus Fighting All The Creams And Treatments? Find Clinical Trial Options Today

Do you have a foot fungus that is so severe you haven't been able to treat it for months or longer? If so, it's time to take action so you can improve your health, and so you don't have to fear that the fungus is going to spread to other areas of the body. If you have tried different creams and ointments and the fungus always comes back after you stop, or never completely goes away, you need to find more serious methods for treatment. Read More 

Useful Information About Diabetic Ulcers

Did you notice a wound on your foot after experiencing a lot of pain that doesn't go away? If you are a sufferer of diabetes, it is possible that the wound is an ulcer that sometimes affects people with the condition. You don't want to leave a diabetic ulcer untreated for a long time because it can cause complications that require major medical treatment. Promptly getting in touch with a podiatrist is on your best interest so treatment can be done before the ulcer worsens. Read More 

When Are Mris Needed For A Foot Injury?

MRI stands for magnetic resonance imaging, and it is a technique that medical professionals use to get a very detailed picture of the internal body structures. Medical professionals enjoy using the magnetic resonance imaging technology because it allows them to get a much more detailed image than what they could get by using ordinary X-ray technology. Magnetic resonance imaging is a very useful thing because it allows medical professionals to see if there is any soft tissue damage and identify any issues that may be hidden inside of the human body. Read More 

Boycott Your Bunions: Treatment Options For Pain Relief

Not only are they important for walking and moving, but your feet also act as essential parts of your body's foundation. Unfortunately, painful conditions that affect the feet can occur with age. An estimated 23 percent of people between the ages of 18 and 65 have bunions, but most people do not truly understand this condition. Bunions cause the big toe to move towards the second toe, which often creates a bump on the outer edge of the big toe. Read More 

Treatments That Might Help Your Shin Splints

If you've recently taken up running or increased the distance you're running and have pain along the front of your lower leg, you might have shin splints. This condition causes pain on the inside of the bone in your lower leg. It's caused by overuse, a gait abnormality, or tight muscles in the calf or ankle. The pain may come and go or it can be constant and severe. Here are a few treatments your podiatrist may suggest. Read More