Start Off On The Right Foot? Why See Your Foot Doctor Before You Go On Vacation

If you're getting ready for summer vacation, now's the time to schedule an appointment with a foot doctor. You might not realize this, but a visit to the foot doctor can help you avoid foot problems during your vacation. A visit to the podiatrist can help you ensure proper foot health while you're on vacation. Here are just four of the reasons to schedule an appointment today.  Eliminate Existing Issues Read More 

Types Of Hammer Toe Surgery

If you have been suffering from hammer toe, it's likely that you have questions about the treatment options available. In many cases, hammer toe surgery is performed to relieve pain and allow for improved mobility. Are you considering surgery for hammer toe? These are some of the types of surgery that you should consider as part of your treatment plan. Resection Surgery In some cases, straightening the toe is more serious and requires more work on the tendons. Read More