Types Of Hammer Toe Surgery

If you have been suffering from hammer toe, it's likely that you have questions about the treatment options available. In many cases, hammer toe surgery is performed to relieve pain and allow for improved mobility.

Are you considering surgery for hammer toe? These are some of the types of surgery that you should consider as part of your treatment plan.

Resection Surgery

In some cases, straightening the toe is more serious and requires more work on the tendons. If your toe is not very flexible, this is the kind of surgery that your podiatrist may recommend so that you can regain some flexibility with fewer consequences.

This procedure involves cutting tendons and ligaments, and in some cases, a portion of the bone is also excised. Your doctor will give you as much information as possible about what your toe will look like and how it will operate in the future.

Fusion Surgery

Fusion is a procedure commonly used in cases where the hammer toe may not be fixed entirely but can be helped. With fusion surgery, you can often reduce the pain associated with this condition while also improving the appearance of your foot.

This is a surgery that involves removing the joint or part of the joint of the toe. Like other surgeries, tendons and ligaments may also be adjusted to allow for the most comfort and the best appearance.

Tendon Transfer Surgery

One option for surgery is known as a tendon transfer. In this surgery, the doctor will pull one of the tendons near the hammer toe to straighten its position. This will improve the toe's appearance and reduce the pain of your toe.

If your hammer toe is flexible, the tendon transfer is more likely to be successful. The doctor will assess your toe to ensure that this is the right procedure for you ahead of time, especially if you want to change the appearance of your toes.

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In some cases, you may discuss a variety of other surgical options with your doctor. Each podiatrist will approach hammer toe differently, and your body's specific physiology may have a lot to do with the treatment options recommended.

You do not have to suffer from hammer toe for years to come. Surgery can relieve your symptoms right away. If you have questions about surgery or want to get the ball rolling, consult with your healthcare provider to learn more.