Useful Information About Diabetic Ulcers

Did you notice a wound on your foot after experiencing a lot of pain that doesn't go away? If you are a sufferer of diabetes, it is possible that the wound is an ulcer that sometimes affects people with the condition. You don't want to leave a diabetic ulcer untreated for a long time because it can cause complications that require major medical treatment. Promptly getting in touch with a podiatrist is on your best interest so treatment can be done before the ulcer worsens. Take a look at the information in this article to learn more about diabetic foot ulcers.

Why a Diabetic Ulcer Might Develop

There are several things that can cause a diabetic ulcer to develop on a foot. For instance, when there is too much pressure being placed on the foot, it can cause a wound to easily develop. If blood circulation is poor in your feet, that can cause an ulcer to form. The amount of time that you have been suffering from diabetes plays a role in how easy it is for an ulcer to develop. A podiatrist can point out the specific reason in regards to why you are suffering from an ulcer.

Complications That Can Arise

Your foot can become infected if you don't ensure that the diabetic wound is treated soon enough. The infection can begin at the wound site and spread to other areas. The worst thing about an infection from a diabetic ulcer is that it can become severe to the extent of amputation being necessary. The pain can also become worse if prompt treatment isn't done.

How a Podiatrist Can Treat an Ulcer

Treating a diabetic ulcer is done based on the severity of the wound. A podiatrist will first have to examine the wound to figure out the ideal type of treatment for your specific situation. For instance, you might have to take medication that is able to bring your blood glucose to a safe level. If the wound is already infected, the podiatrist might give you a prescription for antibiotics. In the worst case scenario, you will have to undergo surgery.

How Diabetic Ulcers Can Be Prevented

Controlling your blood sugar level is the most important thing to consider to prevent diabetic ulcers from developing. It is also important for you to wear shoes that are not too tight. Keeping your cholesterol levels down should also be considered.

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