Dealing With Heel Pain

Has the pain in your heels made it difficult for you to wear shoes unless they are removed in a short amount of time? Although inflammation is one of the main things that cause pain, there are numerous things that could be wrong with your feet. It is in your best interest to make an appointment with a podiatrist, like Cortez Foot & Ankle Specialists, so he or she can make a diagnosis. You might end up having to undergo surgery if the cause of the pain is something serious. Take a look at this article for helpful information in regards to dealing with heel pain.

Conditions That Can Cause Heel Pain

One of the things that cause causes heels to hurt is when they get fractured. For instance, if you suffered a foot injury, it is possible that there are fractured bones that will cause pain until treatment is done. There is also a condition that is known as heel spurs, which are abnormal growths on bones that can develop for numerous reasons. Wearing small shoes and running a lot are some of the things that can cause heel spurs. Heel pain can also result from the plantar fascia of your feet becoming inflamed, such as the soft tissues between the toes and heels.

How the Problem Can Be Diagnosed

There are several things that will be done during the process of a podiatrist diagnosing the pain in your feet. The first thing that will be done is a series of questions being asked about your feet. For instance, you will be asked where the pain is located, how long it has been present, and if it is the result of an injury. The podiatrist will also want to physically examine both of your feet, such as by touching around on them. You will be given an x-ray and possibly other tests before a diagnosis is made.

How You Can Obtain Pain Relief

The type of treatment that a podiatrist might recommend for your heel pain will depend on what is causing it. In a minor case, you might simply need to take pain and inflammation medicine or change the type of shoes that you wear. Physical therapy is another type of treatment that is commonly used as a way to get rid of heel pain. If the podiatrist finds fractured bones or abnormal growths on them, you will likely have to undergo surgery to treat the problem.