Care For Your Feet The Natural Way This Summer

As the summer months approach, more people begin to walk around barefoot or use open-toed shoes in order to enjoy the warmer weather. Since your feet will be exposed more often during this time of year, it helps to have smooth, clean feet so you can feel confident. Here are a few all natural products you can make at home that will make your feet feel and look more beautiful without shelling out a lot of cash at the drug store or beauty salon.

All-Natural Foot Soak

Soaking your feet at the end of a long day is a great way to relax, and it can also help keep your feet feeling clean and smooth. This natural foot soak will make you feel more relaxed and will help soften your skin. Add a small amount of honey and lemon to some warm water and mix thoroughly. The honey is an excellent moisturizer and an all-natural antibacterial agent. The lemon will help cleanse and exfoliate your feet. To add some soothing scents, use essential oils like lavender to help your relax, or rosemary to give you a more energetic feeling. If you like, you can also add some smooth rocks to the bottom of your foot bath or tub to give you a nice massaging effect.

Natural Foot Scrub

Foot scrubs can help remove dead skin cells and soften your feet. Make a 2-to-1 ratio of exfoliant to moisturizer by combining coarse ground sea salt, oatmeal, and ground almond shells with coconut or apricot oil. Mix everything together well and apply it to your feet in an even, circular motion. You can make a big enough batch so you can store some away for later use. To add scent, use a few drops of peppermint oil for a fresh, clean fragrance. 

A Natural Way To Moisturize

Properly moisturizing your feet can prevent dry spots, chafing, and bumps. Pay special attention to your heels, which often undergo the most wear from summer shoes. There are several different natural choices you can use to give your feet a smooth feeling. Cocoa butter in its raw form makes an excellent moisturizer, and you can purchase it in bars at a really affordable price. Coconut oil is also completely natural and extremely nourishing for skin not just on your feet, but your entire body. Shea butter is another good alternative and provides vitamins A and E to the skin. Use these natural, healthy remedies to help keep your feet feeling clean and smooth all summer long. 

If your feet start feeling overly sore or cracked, be sure to seek foot care by Orvitz Podiatry Clinic or another podiatry center sooner rather than later.