How to Find Relief from an Ingrown Toenail with Avulsion

An ingrown toenail can make it uncomfortable to wear shoes. This condition occurs when the nail starts to curve and grow into your skin. It creates a painful border in between your nail and nail bed. Common symptoms may include pain, tenderness, redness, swelling and infection around your toe. An ingrown toenail can cause infection to set in fast so it helps to see a podiatrist as soon as possible. Read to find out how to find relief from this condition with avulsion.

Understand the Avulsion Procedure

The avulsion procedure is recommended when the nail keeps growing back or in difficult cases. In these cases, the patients are having persistent symptoms and they prefer a permanent solution. This procedure uses a simple technique for removal of all or a part of your nail. However, you should choose a surgeon that has experience with doing this procedure.

Partially Remove the Nail

A partial nail avulsion is one of the most common ways to treat ingrown toenails. It removes part of the infected nail. The procedure is done by cutting away the edges of your toenail, which gives your nail a straight edge. This cutting stops the nail from digging into your skin. After cutting the edges, phenol is put on the affected area. This chemical prevents your nail from growing back. If any pus is present, then it is drained from your toe. Drainning the pus prevents the area from becoming more inflamed.

If the nail cannot be remove with the cutting method, then the surgeon can make an incision on the side of your nail. This incision allows your surgeon to remove the root of your nail using a blade. It is closed using stitches.

Totall Remove the Nail

If you want to eliminate the chance of the ingrown toenail coming back, then a total nail avulsion is recommended. It is done when your nail is thickening and pressing into the skin surrounding your toe. Your entire nail is removed with this procedure. An indentation is left behind from where your nail was. Your toe will still function the same, but without a nail.

Ingrown toenails are not only painful, but they can also be unsightly. This condition does not make your feet look very attractive. It helps to talk to a podiatrist to explore your options through resources like It helps to seek treatment as soon as possible.